Memory Medallion

Something special has recently been released for personal remembrance that is worth getting to know. Whether you do it for yourself or for someone you have loved, now you can easily preserve and share the favorite memories and moments of a life right at the location of remembrance thanks to a small, coin-sized device known as the Memory Medallion. Even with its small size, it provides a complete life-story remembrance, big or small, via photos, text, custom web links, and can even be upgraded to allow for video or audio, so that family, friends and future generations who visit the location of remembrance can truly remember and know about the life.

The Memory Medallion is totally maintenance-free, designed to last through the ages and endure the rugged extremes of weather. It can easily be placed outdoors or in and some versions are designed for very easy permanent installation by most any customer. It is designed to be an attractive (but essential) addition to any place of remembrance and its ease of use is due to the fact that it can be read by most mobile phones using the phone’s camera to activate its specialized coding. Your phone will need to be one that has a camera with a macro-lens (very common now) that can focus on the Medallion code using most any free 2D barcode reader application that can be easily downloaded on most phones if it doesn’t already have it. Then just open the app, focus on the code, allow it to activate, and immediately up onto the screen will appear the photos, stories, and links that have been shared.

Purchase and/or activation can occur online at or through your cemetery, funeral home, or monument dealer. A user name and password will be provided so that you can log-in at to BUILD THE MEDALLION STORY by completing each section of the Standard Remembrance Package.

The Memory Medallion Standard Remembrance Profile includes all of the following:

  • Memory Medallion ready for on-site installation (1 & 3/8″ circle case).
  •  Memory Medallion life profile includes space for your choice of up to 8 photos and 1000 words of text as well as 3 web site links to additional information.
  • Custom link: Include a link to a web site of your choice. It might be military information, an alma mater, a personal site of interest, etc. It is up to you.
  • Complete customer support and a personal contact to assist you as you build the Medallion story.
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