People Finding their Final Resting Place with Pets

There appears to be a growing number of people who are sharing their final resting place with their beloved pets.  The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories estimate that a quarter of U.S. pet cemeteries take in deceased humans.

The 115-year-old Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, with 75,000 pet graves, estimates the remains of 700 people being buried with their animals.  Some of the deceased may not have family plots and consider their pets to be a family member.

Burial regulations vary from state to state, but the specific regulations may remain unclear.  Pets are banned from most human cemeteries, but some may allow an urn of animal ashes to be placed in a person’s casket.  Although the Hartsdale Cemetery requires a payment for a perpetual care maintenance fund, burying a human in a pet cemetery may not have this benefit.

Click on the link to read the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery article in the Denver Post


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