Pre-Planning Your Online Legacy

In the not so distant past, you may have considered writing your own obituary that would be published in a local newspaper. The information age has changed the scope of how you want your final legacy to be viewed by the world. You may want to make arrangements now for your online presence after you have passed away.

Here are some websites to investigate when you start to pre-plan your memorialization:

  • Many local news websites have links to classified obituaries where your loved ones may sign a guest book.
  • If you have a Facebook account, you may want to specify who will take care of memorializing or removing your account.  Facebook’s site has a form that may be completed with special requests for deceased users. Further information is at: Facebook
  • Profiles on LinkedIn accounts should be deactivated and a Verification of Death Form may be downloaded. Further information is at: LinkedIn
  • Do you Tweet?  If a user has passed away, Twitter can remove the account or assist family members in saving a backup of public Tweets. Further information is at: Twitter

Please visit the Personal Expressions page at the CMS Mid-Atlantic website if you would like to honor your loved one online. CMS Mid-Atlantic

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