New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some New Year’s Resolutions – I’m sure you’ve tried them before – were you successful?  Try try again.

  • Spend more time with family and friends – always a good idea and make sure it is quality time!
  • Regular exercise – this will help you look good and feel good!
  • Along with Weight loss – eat healthy by learning to shop healthy!
  • Quit smoking – such a difficult habit to break, but you can do it – there are lots of aids in the market today and first ask your medical plan sponsor!
  • Enjoy life more – but not too much!  Know your limits.
  • Quit drinking – save money by quitting and and of course your health will improve!
  • Get out of debt – check out Dave Ramsey for this one!
  • Learn something new – what do you want to learn?  Try something out of your comfort zone – maybe a second language or martial arts or group quilt sewing for Hospice patients, or train for a mini-marathon!!
  • Volunteer to help others – check on this at your church or community – you will certainly gain from this and your heart will smile for a long time, as well as the person(s) your helping.
  • Get organized – this could relieve a lot of stress at home or work!  Get someone to help you and make it fun.


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