Former Vestal Hills Memorial Park Employee to Deploy to Afghanistan

Darlene Croston, who is a former Vestal Hills Memorial Park employee, took her oath to serve her country.  Darlene has kept in touch with the Vestal Hills Memorial Park family and the CMS Mid-Atlantic, Inc. family.

Four and a half years ago Darlene joined the Navy when she was looking for “A little more challenge.”  During Darlene’s employment with Vestal Hills Memorial Park she provided dedicated service in both our Sales and Administrative Departments. Although we were sorry to see Darlene leave, we recognized her desire to fulfill her dreams and reach her highest sense of accomplishment.

Darlene is scheduled to begin a year-long deployment after the holidays.  We at Vestal Hills Memorial Park and CMS Mid-Atlantic, Inc., are very proud of Darlene.

To read the article about Darlene Croston’s service go to


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