Preplanning Assures Burial Space When You Need It

As older cemeteries become full and their space for expansion is limited, families can be turned away if they try to buy a lot in one of these landlocked for a loved one at the time of immediate need.

While there are many benefits to prearrangement, having the ability to be buried beside your loved ones is another important benefit of preplanning. When you select and purchase your burial property before the time of need, you can select the number of graves for yourself, your spouse or partner, and loved ones, such as children, grandchildren or in-laws.

Some families create beautiful burial estates by purchasing graves not only for their immediate family, but for future generations.

There are many benefits to preplanning:

Couples can make important decisions together at their leisure without the stress of having to guess what a spouse or partner would want at the time of immediate need.

Prearrangement spares loved ones, such as children and other relatives, from having to make decisions and arrangements on one of the saddest days of their lives

Planning ahead also ensures that your wishes will be carried out. If you purchase a grave or graves in a cemetery, loved ones will have the information and must follow your burial wishes. The cemetery will have records of your choices, which helps to assure that your loved ones won’t have your body cremated if you chose traditional ground burial.

The graves your select and purchase in advance are based on today’s costs, which assures savings since most graves purchased in advance are not needed for an average of 27 years. Just look at how the price of a home or automobile has increased in the past 27 years.

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